I Nearly Pooped Myself – Again…

I put the laundry in last night. It included my gym bag that I bring to my shop.  I bring a change of clothes for my Tuesday run to work and swap the sweaty stuff for the clean. As I was doing the change from washer into the dryer/hang up I saw my headphone cord. And I nearly pooped myself…..  OK, maybe I did just a little…

That can mean only one thing. OK, a couple things. One, my iPod and Garmin are also in the washing machine. Two, I’m a space-shot and angry at myself because after nearly 4 years of owning said Garmin, I’ve never had a mishap.  I’m running numbers through my head to calculate how much I’ll need to save and then spend to replace my beloved running companions.  I’m also wondering how I’ll make it without them in the time it takes to replace them.  My heart just sank.  I dug them out of the washer and set them on top.  I just stared in horror.

I know.  It’s not the Apocalypse.  There are far, far worse things happening in the world – heck even right here in Reno.  But in the World According to Jenn, it still sucked.  After I completed my dryer transfer I turned on the Garmin.  It made that familiar beeping sound.  I held my breath.  I turned on the iPod and plugged in the headphones.  I put them in my ears and pushed play.  I heard the delightful sound of hip hop!!!  That “grab a pole and start stuffing one dollar bills” sound beat in my ears!!!  Oh, sweet clubbing, my iPod seemed OK!!!  Then I gathered my courage and glanced at my Garmin.  I love the stickers on it that one of my daughters and my nephew put on so I could tell mine from Chris’.  I love the bulkiness – enough to stop a mugger with one strike and the band that never fits quite right; always a little snug or a little loose….  And (cue angels singing) it was on.  Ready to go on it’s next run.  Ready to pace me and be my guide – my honest voice of time and distance traveled.  As I stood in my sweats ready to make the first round of dumping bringing kids to school, it was there, gleaming it’s windows of truth.  Waiting for me to gear up and go. I will answer your call, my BRF!!  Later…..

Thank you, Garmin and iPod for weathering the washing machine.  Please hang in there.  I am hard on you as I am on myself for these runs.  I’ll continue to beat at you due to my love of the run, my determination to be stronger, better, faster but will try to remember you in my gym bag in the future…  I heart you….  Now I need to change my underwear…

Runners - when nearly pooping themselves - get this excited to see a port a potty. Even more excited when there's toilet paper!!!

3 thoughts on “I Nearly Pooped Myself – Again…

  1. bearrunner

    I’m going on three years I think with my Garmin… The only mishap I ever had with it was the strap, other than that, it has worked like a charm. My MP3 came with me in the pool one day though, it wasn’t the water proof type either


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