Finding Who You Are Through Minimalism

Initially, I thought the idea of minimalism was ludicrous.  It wasn’t whether or not I could live with less, it was more about why would I want to.  If I have stuff, isn’t that a great thing?  Besides, I had stereotyped minimalists into categories:   Continue reading


7 Reasons Group Running Before Sunrise Is Worth It

Many people question my sanity when I tell them I’m up at 4:30 to leave my house at 5:10 to go running.  What in the world would possess anyone to want to do that?  Here are 7 reasons that running early with a group is the most sane decision ever. Continue reading


The Past Is So…….. Yesterday

It’s interesting that I chose running.  Or perhaps running chose me.  The same is true of minimalism and that certainly chose me.  My stress mounted and Chris patiently planted the seeds for me to choose a different type of life.  As the years pass and my life unfolds, I see patterns emerge.  They seem so obvious to me now, it’s amazing I didn’t embrace certain courses far sooner.  Maybe I was a little slow on the pick up, perhaps I was too stubborn, possibly I didn’t pick up on life’s taps to my shoulder.  Probably all of the above. Continue reading


Finding Balance with Sleep

I write about balance quite a bit.  It’s not because I’m some expert on how to balance my life.  Being asked to write on the subject has helped me become better, though and writing helps me to process how to continue that trend. Continue reading


Less Gives You More

Professor Harold Hill said — “You pile up enough tomorrows, and you’ll find you are left with nothing but a lot of empty yesterdays.”  Never wish away today.  Instead, make room for what’s important. Continue reading