Clothing Wardrobe Update

Writing about minimizing forces me to really look at what I own, what I use and what’s important to me. For me, clothing is the easiest place to downsize because I can count what I have and downsize accordingly.  This number includes things I’ve ordered but not received.  A couple things I won’t get until January.  I do have some things on a list – mostly to replace items I already have, but not in every case – a couple things are items I realized I would really use once all the junk was out of the way.  Since starting this journey I’ve downsized so much it’s incredible. Continue reading

Me with my 5:20 shirt - it's the time we meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays but I tell people it's my minute mile....

Race Recap

I did a race recap a couple months ago.  I highlighted three races I ran this Spring.  Then another post on a 5K I ran.  Here’s the next recap for three other races that I ran this summer.  Good times!!! Continue reading

Tip of the Iceberg --- Image by © Ralph A. Clevenger/CORBIS

Real Life

My life as people see it isn’t the same as my real life.  Not because I try to embellish because I feel I’m genuine with what I post on social media.  It’s just very two dimensional in a 3D world.  It’s the tip of the iceberg, the part I want to show, my best foot forward. Continue reading


Training For A Half Marathon

I decided in July to run a half marathon.  I talked with my friend, Shauna about a good one and she reminded me of Bizz Johnson in October.  It’s located 2 hours from where I live, is a net down, on beautiful trails and it’s one that’s in my neighborhood that I’ve never run before.  Perfect!!!   Continue reading


Stuff Minimalism Has Taught Me

I’ve learned a lot from embracing minimalism.  More than I ever imagined.  What began as getting rid of clutter in the house and things we weren’t using in the garage became something totally different.  I did a search one time about downsizing life and belongings based on something Chris said to me.  From the first conversation with him forward, we changed our entire lifestyle.  Sometimes something so unexpected creates such an amazing result.  That internet search sent me on a journey to know what minimizing really was, how it worked and how it could potentially change our lives for the better. Continue reading