Races and Volunteering

5K on Saturday. YAY!! Last one this year in a series of 4. My running coach is the event director and he’s bomb so I run all of them with my teammates. We are a team after all!  That’s what we do.  I asked if my kids to volunteer this race to A) save me money and B) learn how much goes into the races. They were amazing. Coach Will and his lovely wife asked the girls to wear their pink glitter skirts again and they spread them out with different jobs.  We did learn a little bit about how much work goes into putting on an event – from helping with the last of the setup to the event and the breakdown of the equipment and course.

I PR’d!!  I was 3rd in my age group: Female 40-44, official time 24:16.5 average pace 7:49.  I wanted to come in at 21-24 minutes but I’ve never come in under 25 minutes.  I was thrilled and I’m working on my time slowly.  My goal is 3 half marathons locally next year beating my last PR of 1:47….  For now, this is fantastic.

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