A Few Of My Favorite Things

When embarking on a trip I attempt to scale back the necessities to the bare minimum. This trip I didn’t need or want anything checked in to baggage so I had a size constraint (yes, even though it was only 3 days!) and I knew I’d need extra room to take things back with me.  I used my travel sized bottles but still was fully expecting my luggage to be pillaged and items discarded.  I did not take a razor because I was sure that wouldn’t fly.  (HAHA!  Get it – fly??!!) Only to realize when I got home that I had a razor tucked into my toiletries bag – just the razor, no handle but still I’m astounded I didn’t have to go through the raping of my bag, a retinal scan, proctology check, blood work, firstborn, etc… when they x-rayed my belongings.  Here are things that I missed while I was gone….

  • My round brush and blow dryer….
  • My razor – I no longer look like Sasquatch
  • My black liquid eyeliner – BAM!!
  • Olay Total Effects lotion
  • 12 Benefits spray I use on wet hair before  blow drying

Things I missed while I was gone….

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