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The Things People Say

The things people say to women while we’re running…… Continue reading

Get Outside and Run

I’m not an inside runner. At all. Not remotely. As I’ve been building up my running on the treadmill (and gratefully hating it), I’ve been wanting to go outside. Continue reading


Light of my Life

Along with getting back on the bandwagon to make all my cleaners, etc….  I realized I’d been saving candle holders. Continue reading


Winter Running

I don’t like cold.  That being said, I like running outside.  Now that I’ve started running again – after a 5 month lovely hiatus that involved a very sexy boot for my broken foot – I wanted to get outside ASAP.  In winter.

IMG_1907 IMG_1147

Still, it’s far better than the treadmill which I’ve always felt hopelessly incompetent on.   I’d rather fall flat on my ass outside on the ice than pretend I’m a gazelle on a treadmill.IMG_1953 IMG_1908


So I’m braving the great outdoors!!!  YAY ME!!!!  I’m up to 4 miles and I’m keeping it around a 9:30 minute mile pace.  Build the distance, the speed will come.  Patience is not my virtue, but I’m so happy to be running again, to be outside again.