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Less is More – Minimizing

Letting go of those things at the end of the minimizing journey are the most difficult.  They are the items that still somehow pull at your heart strings, that we feel our own value most in.  The process is nearly painful – it feels as though you’re letting go of a friend.  It’s difficult to keep only the things we “know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” -William Morris.  The process is about minimizing, not living without.  It’s about streamlining life to spend your time, effort, money on the areas that are most important, having no clutter, unloading stress.   Continue reading

Garage sales will be part of our weekends for a bit.  The good news is that it gives the kids a chance to sell things and make money and we have some cash for the move

Minimizing Clutter – Letting Go

It’s amazing how much you learn about yourself when you minimize your belongings. There was so much – I mean SO MUCH – I didn’t care about. I had no idea how detached I’d feel about my stuff.  The more I’ve gone through things, the less I care.  I am reassured that I can always replace it, there’s always a good deal, I really won’t miss anything.  That’s a good thing.  It was overwhelming but not as difficult as I had imagined.  One lesson many people have to learn is how to disengage emotion from objects and I think (for the most part) I do fairly well. Continue reading


Review – Balancing Life

I have been asked to write on balance more than any other subject.  I find that interesting.  It is supposed that because I work, run, throw in a couple triathlons, have 13 kids and a dog, that I am somehow an expert on finding balance.  I am not.   Continue reading

Happy, active kids with confidence and self-esteem is something to aspire to

Raising Self-Esteem

A health magazine showed up in my mailbox recently. I’m not sure how or why it got there – I don’t have a subscription – but since it was there, I read it. Generally information is so readily available on the web, I’m not as interested in magazines. Too bad – in some ways. I enjoyed getting my coffee when the house was quiet and curling up with it. Continue reading