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Winter Running

No, I’m not running yet. I’m musing, however, about how most people I know – most of my friends – are running this winter.  Continue reading

Needles in my foot

Giving the Boot

It was time to say goodbye to the boot. 6 weeks was MORE than enough.  I felt trapped and out of control because I couldn’t do the things I love.  No running, no biking, no hikes.  I was allowed to swim and I thought it would be a great opportunity to build my endurance, strength and ability in the triathlon sport that is my weakness.  I joined a gym with a pool.  I enlisted the help of a swim coach who provided me with workouts.  I called on friends to kick my butt in gear.  With working more and my job changing (all great things) I lacked the schedule, the motivation and the drive.  The wind was taken out of my sails.  I walked as much as possible but in the end I added 8 pounds and an “I don’t give a crap” attitude.  Although I can think of far worse fates, I felt shackled.


In San Francisco trying to “dress up” the boot. The good news is that I walked miles while I was there


Coworker and friend Josie on a bike taxi in San Francisco. We certainly did have fun!!


On a field trip with my Junior in High School daughter, Alana at the pumpkin patch. Yes, we did sort of get lost in the corn maze….

6 weeks in a boot and over 2 months of not being able to run really isn’t the end of the world.  I only dropped out of 4 races and with the weather getting cooler, it wasn’t a bad time of year to take a nose dive on training and be stuck in a boot.  I did try to stay positive.  I tried not to be discouraged that between my schedule and my attitude I didn’t capitalize on swimming.  For the most part, I was patient with the healing process.  I know now that the cooler weather is here and there are fewer races, I’ll be able to start the arduous process of rebuilding mileage and then the speed will come.

TWO shoes!!!  How exciting is that???!!!

TWO shoes!!! How exciting is that???!!!

The boot isn’t completely gone.  I’m going from half time, to 1/3 time and slowly weaning off the boot.  As long as I’m sedentary it counts as “boot time”.  It feels great and discouraging.  My foot needs to be strengthened, I need to balance my weaker muscles.  Physical therapy is putting me through exercises once a week as well as doing Dry Needling to stimulate my tendon and remind it how it’s supposed to work.

Dry needling in my hand to stimulate the central nervous system

Dry needling in my hand to stimulate the central nervous system

Needles in my foot

Needles in my foot

Gotta love me some needling....

Gotta love me some needling….

Running is on the horizon – after walking, then walking further, then walking faster…..  But it’s there again.  Exercise is back on the menu and just working towards the goal feels good.  So…..  When’s that next race???

Oiselle Post

I was published on Oiselle – my all time favorite running apparel company. What an honor!!

Running and Injury


The dread word. Injury.  The diagnosis?  No running.  How is this possible?  It’s devastating for a runner.  It’s not just the run.  It’s the companionship, the socialization, the decompression, the release we get from running.  I was having pain in the ball of my foot.  A lot of pain.  Some X-rays and an MRI later, it’s a stress fracture and strained tendon.  What that means is Physical Therapy and bitching.  A LOT of bitching.

My podiatrist is a marathon runner who has succumbed to his own stress fracture in the past, so he is very empathetic.  I heard him in a nearby room tell his assistant, “Wow.  I don’t want to walk in that room and have this conversation with her.  She is not going to be happy.”  Well, no shit I won’t be happy.  8 weeks of PT and NO running, NO biking, NO squats, deadlifts or ANYTHING that creates pressure on the bottom of my foot.  What can I do?  Swim.  Great.  Other than being pissed off, swearing profusely and wanting to throw the temper tantrum of the century, what can you do when you’re sidelined from running?

  1. It doesn’t matter if it’s illness, injury or a tsunami.  Being sidelined from your True Love (aka running) sucks.  Embrace your anger.
  2. Get over yourself.  It’s temporary and this is pretty much a first world problem.  Stop your bitching and look at the options.  Swimming.  Contact the swim coach you know and get in two months of bad ass training.  It will help you stay in shape (or lose the 8 pounds you accumulated when you had to stop running), stay sane and work on the weakness in your triathlon.
  3. Listen to your doctor and PT.  LISTEN TO YOUR DOCTOR AND PT!  (I said it twice and got shouty because I know you’re like me)
  4. Remind yourself that this too shall pass.  It’s temporary.  You didn’t LOSE your foot, you damaged it.  Also, when you’re getting back into the run, remember #1.  Anger.  It’ll come back when you’re trying to rebuild mileage and speed.  You should ask yourself which is worse – anger that you can’t run or anger that you can.  Then see #2.  Yes, get over yourself.  Again.  And sign up for a race.  Because you can.